Bell Satellite Dish

The birds & the bees are doing more than just teaching our children about reproduction. They are tampering with our technology... So a few weeks ago our satellite dish started cutting in and out. The issue was affecting only non-HD stations. Last week the non-HD stations stopped working entirely. Frustrated we called bell and they scheduled a tech to come check out the issue. Well, the issue was one the tech had never seen before. While we can't explain exactly how it happened, the cover on the LNB was broken - possibly by a bird flying into it??. ( I should add that the dish is on the roof of the house, and there are NO trees anywhere near it that could have caused this damage - very odd...) When the tech went to replace the part, he also discovered that inside the hole created by bird cracking cracked the LNB a wasp's nest had formed, completely blocking the sensor. The LNB has been replaced and we have our full TV lineup restored 🙂 I could see the queen walking around inside. A quick shot of Raid took care of that issue. Here are some pics 🙂

there's that nest!

Sorry Ms Queen - Your rule has ended... Please do not report us to PETA? 😉

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