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Our Chinese Food Adventure

Today we had a great day. Lyndsay was in her conference all day, so Emma and I rode the sky train, went to the Vancouver Aquarium, and just hung out and had fun with Grandma. Then, after Lyndsay was done for the day we all went out for Chinese... Going out for Chinese sounds like an easy task... but... When you are in Richmond, and unfamiliar with the area, it's an adventure like something out of the Amazing Race. We started based on a recommendation from a guy at the hotel front desk, for a restaurant next door. We went in, sat down, and saw that it was going to cost no less than $30 each. "Forget this, we'll go find something else." Next we drove around looking for a good place, not able to identify Chinese, from Vietnamese, from Korean, as nothing is in English. We found one place and Lyndsay jumped out to see a menu. She asked a waitress what "hot pots" were. The waitress turned to the menu, looked at it for a long time, spoke Chinese to another woman, then pointed to the page in the menu with hot pots. I don't think she had a clue what the question was. None of the menu was in English though, so Lyndsay just laughed, and came out to the car - Next! The next place she went into had a similar problem - no English at all on the menu, so out she came. She also failed to realize that it wasn't a Chinese restaurant anyways - as we drove away we noticed the big poster of Kim Jon Ill just inside the front door - probably indicating the restaurants Korean flavor. finally we found another place to check out. I cant remember the name of the restaurant, most of it not in English, but it had the word "wonderful" as part of the name, so we knew it had to be good - after all, who would lie in the name - plus it was very busy, full of Asians - it had to be good. Lyndsay checked the menu, gave the thumbs up, and before long we were seated looking at a menu with no idea what to order. My mom (sorry mom) being very used to "Canadianized" Chinese food, wanted the usual dinner for three (chow mein and s&s pork) did get partially what she wanted, but I think she was a little turned off by the authentic nature of the chow mein, which also happened to have squid, shrimp & scallops in it. In the end we went with the lemon chicken, s&s boneless pork, house special chow mein & some veg dish - all of which was fantastically good. ... I think my mom went home to make dinner afterwards... and suggesting that next time we eat at McDonalds. Anyways, that's our little Chinese food adventure - next time we will have a little bit of a clue where to go and what to order - wait - no we wont, but it was fun anyways.

Our Story

Scott and Lyndsay first met on a semi-double-date around 1995. Lyndsay's friend Denise liked Scott's friend Lorne, so for safety and comfort reasons the four of them went out together. They bowled a couple games and then had coffee. After that they did not see each other for a few years. Scott's friendships with Denise and some of Lyndsay's other friends grew as he joined their 'group of friends'. However Lyndsay, who was off at UBC, still didn't know Scott very well. It wasn't until the summer in 1998 that Scott and Lyndsay became friends. Read more »

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