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Long time since the last update!

Wow, its been a REALLY long time since I have last updated this site. It seems with work, life, and more interesting hobby sites for me to work on, this site basically sites idol. Since moving back to the Valley last year I have been working on and off on a Comox Valley site. Posting a ton of less personal photos, Valley information and more. This site is taking up most of my "work on a web site free time". We've been back in Courtenay now for a little over a year and I must say I love it. At times we really miss Dease Lake, and sometimes I even miss Victoria, but we definitely prefer it here. This rainy summer we've been having is a bit of a drag, but that's life I guess. Hopefully September will be beautiful. We're also off to Vegas soon for a week! Its been too long since we have had a real vacation - nearly 2 and a half years, so its about time we go away for a bit. I'll try to get some photos from our trip posted here as soon as possible after we return. We recently bought a new Digital SLR - hopefully I will have figured out how to use it by our trip so I can take some decent shots!

We’ve Moved back to the Island!

We've moved again! We are now back on Vancouver Island after our stint in the great white North! Lyndsay's temporary contract ended and when deciding where we should move next we thought long and hard and are now back in the Comox Valley! This is where we ultimately wanted to settle down and decided it best to just come here now and get the rest of our lives started. Hopefully we can buy a home in the near future. Lyndsay is on the sub list for the fall and actively seeking a solid contract, but overall we are quite happy to be back in the Valley.

We’ve Moved to the Far North!

Lyndsay has just accepted a job teaching in Dease Lake! We have since moved and settled in way up here in the North! So far living here is great, although the community is very small! Estimates I am hearing put it around 400 people! Everyone is incredibly friendly, and we are settling in nicely! We've setup a Dease Lake website, and Scott's new Dease Lake Blog! Check them out!

Lyndsay Just Won A Trip To Barbados!

Through a local radio station we were fortunate enough to win an all inclusive trip to the Almond Village Resort and Spa in Barbados, to See Bryan Adams. This trip couldn't have come at a better time as Lyndsay just graduated from her grueling career as a UVIC student! We Are Going To Barbados!!! It was a quiet Thursday morning. I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting ready for work. I walked into the bedroom and Lyndsay was frantically dialing away on the phone. I asked what was up, and she said she "They are taking callers for the Brian Adams thing. Get the cell." So I went out into the kitchen and grabbed the cell phone and began dialing along with her. They were looking for Caller #107. When the alarm went off she heard that they were at number 94, so she thought she'd give it a try. Several minutes had passed since we started dialing and we were sure they must have reached #107. I thought I would try it one more time then give up, as I heard the busy signal on my phone, Lyndsay's started ringing. The phone must have rang at least 8-10 times, we were thinking about hanging up - after all, if it wasn't being answered, it must be because they had their caller. At the other end she heard someone say "Hello" with no indication that she had even dialed the right number. Confused, Lyndsay repeated, "hi." The man at the other end quickly announced, "107.3" so Lyndsay knew she had the right number. "Am I too late?" Lyndsay asked. The man responded, "Hang on I'll check" and put her on hold. We were both quite confused with what was going on. Then in the earpiece Lyndsay heard the phone click, and the radio start playing through. She heard the DJ say, "I've got caller 107 on the line." Lyndsay thought, "I'M ON THE LINE!!" He than asked, "Who's This?" Lyndsay, now shaking and excited said "Lyndsay Biggs, er, Van Achte" (forgetting that we were married -- almost a year ago!). Chris Kalhoon, The Morning DJ at 107.3, Kool FM, asked her a series of questions, most of which were answered with screams of excitement. Before she was even off the phone, I think I had called everyone we know on the cell to tell them what had happened as it's a slightly different experience to a quick booking with, say, Britannia Hotels and letting someone know they'll need to feed your cats. For the next hour at least, both of us were shaking with excitement - Lyndsay considerably more than I. Sitting on the couch, I called work to let them know I would be late that morning. We had realized that neither of us had passports, and the trip was in less than a month! That morning we scrambled around town to get photos done, picked up the forms and sent them off to be processed. They arrived 10 days before our trip. It was funny. About a week before the trip I had said to my boss that I would need some last minute time off work as I was going to win a trip to Barbados. (I say these sort of things to him whenever I plan on winning something). He laughed as usual, and said, sure you can have the time off. You can imagine the look on his face when he found out we actually won! Sure it wasn't me, but Lyndsay is close enough! We had wanted to go to either Cuba or the Dominica Republic to celebrate Lyndsay's Graduation from UVIC, but realized that there was no way we could afford it. This win came at exactly the right time! A week after Lyndsay finished school, right during the window of time off - it couldn't have worked out better. Work for me was busy, and needing the time off made the week prior to the trip a stressful and VERY busy one, but well worth it. (Thanks to all the guys at work for covering for me while I'm away!, and Thanks 107.3 Kool FM!!! for the trip!!)

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