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We want to start keeping track of some of the funny things Emma says. This list will grow so keep checking back. Dec 04, 2011 Emma: "Daddy, I love Ethan This Much!" (She stretches her hands as far apart as they can go). "I love you a squashed circle" (as she makes a squashed circle with her fingers) ----------------------- Oct 11, 2011 Daddy: "I went to the dentist today." Emma: "oooh, did it hurt?" Daddy: "Nope, the dentist doesnt hurt" Emma: "It hurt when I went to the dentist!" Daddy: "No it didnt! You didnt even open your mouth! Emma: "I mean it hurt next time I go to the dentist". Kids really don't like the dentist... Sept 29, 2011 Lyndsay picked Emma up at Daycare. Emma came into the office to see me. The conversation went like this. Emma: "Daddy, I have a secret:" Daddy: "You do?" Emma: "Ya" ...   She crawled up on my lap and whispered into my ear: Emma: "Mommy and I are going to make muffins but I can't tell you cause its a secret" Daddy: "Oooh, muffins!" Emma: "Ya, Chocolate Chip muffins, but I can't tell you that cause its a secret." Too bad kids dont keep secrets this way forever... -------- Aug 10, 2011   Lyndsay and Emma went out to Early Bird for breakfast on 4th st. They wanted to go to Whales Tails Toys, just around the corner... Mommy: "Lets walk to the toy store" Emma: "But it's a million blocks away!" Mommy: "No it's not, it's just around the corner" Emma: "No it's not!" ---------- July 7, 2011 Emma's First Trip to the Dentist. She refused to open her mouth the entire time we were there. Daddy: "Were you scared at the dentist?" Emma: "No, I didn't cry" Daddy: "I know you didn't cry, but if you weren't scared, why didn't you open your mouth?" Emma: "Cause I didn't want to" ---------- July 6, 2011 Emma: "Lets go to Costco to see what samples they have today" ---------- June 30, 2011 Emma was holding her ear up to Mommies Tummy: Emma: "I can hear the baby!" Mommy: "You can? What does the baby sound like" Emma: "The baby is crying" ---------- May 03, 2011 Emma: "Whats that?" Mommy: "That's my boob. You'll have boobs some day when you are bigger." Emma: "I have boobs!" Mommy: "No you don't." Emma: "Yes I do!" (Emma points to her nipple) Mommy: "That's not your boob, that's your nipple." Emma: "No its my boobs!" ---------- April 12, 2011 While I was in the little boy's room taking care of business, I could hear Emma in the other room singing: Emma: "Candy Candy, Lolli-pop pop. Lolli-pop pop. Candy Candy, Lolli-pop pop, Lolli-pop pop...." She just kept repeating this over and over the entire time... ---------- April  04, 2011 Emma said to Sonja at Daycare Emma: "My grandma lives in Vancouver but my mommies mommy is dead" Sonja: "Oh no. Is she in heaven?" Emma: "No. She's just dead". Lyndsay thought this was funny, and we both agree that her mom would have laughed at something like this, so we don't mind repeating it ---------- March 29, 2011 Emma burst into my office: Emma: "Here is a dirty dishcloth for you to wear as a hat until Halloween. I will wear this clean one, and you wear that dirty one until Halloween." She then put the clean one over her head and walked away. ---------- March 08, 2011 At the mall in Nanaimo, when hanging out with Mommy and Auntie Erin: Auntie Erin: "Why do you think daddy has 3 ipods? Emma: "Because he has big ears". Thanks Emma! (And for the record, I have 2 ipods, not 3. One is the shuffle for when I am biking or kayaking, then the ipod touch for times when I don't need to be as active. ---------- Jan 25, 2011 After brushing her teeth, Emma looked up at me and said: Emma: "It would be really silly if you put your pants on then put your panties on top!" Daddy: "Yes, Yes it would!" ---------- Jan 10, 2011 Emma wanted us to go play with her in her room: Emma: "Let's go to my room you guys. Come on! ¡Vámonos!" Somebody's been watching too much Dora! ---------- Dec 29, 2010 Today Emma came into my office, gave me a wooden tomato and said" Emma: "Here you go. Thank you. Have a great Christmas. Have a great Halloween. Byyyeeee" ---------- Dec 16, 2010 This morning Emma was singing the Alphabet. It all went a little something like this... Emma: "A, B, C, D, ...... Y and Z, Now I know my.....sing with meeeeeee" Daddy: "Good Job Sweetie" Emma: "Good Job Bulldozer" Daddy: "Bulldozer??" ---------- Nov 06, 2010 Emma was watching Caillou and they were singing a song about what he could be when he grows up... Daddy: "Emma, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Emma: "A bee!" Daddy: "Like a bumble-bee??" Emma: "Ya!!" ---------- Oct 14, 2010 Looking at a book with Mommy, Emma points to a picture of some bunnies in a car Emma: "What are those bunnies wearing mommy?" Mommy: "I don't know, what do you think they are wearing?" Emma: "Rhinoceros." ---------- Oct 13, 2010 Emma: "Mommy, Look at the sun!" Mommy: "That's not the sun, it's the moon. It's called a half moon" Emma: "Where is the other half mommy?" Mommy: "It's there, we just can't see it" Emma: "Why?" Mommy: "Because of the angle of the sun" Emma: "Nope, its just hiding in the trees". ---------- Sept 10, 2010 Today Emma walked into my office after going to the park with Mommy. She had a handful of rocks that she found. She showed them to me. I asked her where she got them - this is what she told me. Emma: "I got them at the park but I wish they could go home. Them don't belong to us. I bring them back to park next week" ---------- Sep 01, 2010 Emma: "I hear a fire truck. Do you hear fire truck too daddy?" Daddy: "I do hear it" Emma: "Where is fire truck going daddy?" Daddy: "I don't know" Emma: "Fire truck going to place where fire trucks live to go to bed" ---------- Aug 20, 2010 Lyndsay: "Oh Emma, We'll stop in Nanaimo for Dinner" Emma: "Oh, Nanaimo. Great thinking mommy, great thinking." ---------- Aug 13, 2010 I don't think Emma quite understands the concept of "Hide and go Seek". She wanted to play it with me the other day and this is how she asked: Emma: "Daddy, Play hide and seek with me, I go hide in my bedroom under blankets, you come find me" ---------- Aug 06, 2010 Mommy, Daddy & Emma had just finished having a great time in the water park... Daddy: "I'm really wet!" Emma: "I'm wet too daddy, but its okay cause we had fun." ---------- July 22, 2010 Mommy: "I'm tired" Daddy: "Me too, whats up with that." *yawn* Emma: "Hey, Wake up you guys" Daddy: Laughing "I'm not sleeping" Emma: "Hey, Not Funny!" Daddy & Mommy Laughing Emma: "Hey, Stop Laughing!" ---------- July 21, 2010 Emma: "Watcha doing mommy?", Mommy: "I'm taking the garbage to the road", Emma: "I close door so garbage truck no come in my house." ---------- July 17? 2010 While singing along to Billy Ocean... (Click here for one of the Video Versions...) Daddy:  "Get out of my dreams" Emma: "Hey You, Get out of my dreams" Daddy: "And into my car" Emma:  "Get in my beep-beep"

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