Ethan Quotes

Here are a series of quotes from Ethan ----------------------- March 27, 2014 Ethan came up to me this morning, rubbing his eye Ethan: "Rock Eye" Daddy: "You have a rock in your eye?" Ethan: "Ya" Daddy: "No, you don't have a rock in your eye." Ethan: "Bees Eye" Daddy: "No, you don't have bees in your eye either" Ethan: "Yes, Bees!" -----------------------   March 27, 2014 Ethan's Phrase for the day "Hey! No fair!" -----------------------   February 2014 Mommy: "Ethan, what do you want to wear today?" Ethan: "I do robot socks" ----------------------- April 29, 2014 Ethan: "Owie" Daddy: "You have an owie"?" Ethan: "Ya Daddy: "Sometimes Emma gets owies." Ethan "Ya!!" Daddy: "And Sometimes Mommy gets Owies." Ethan "YA!!!!!!" Daddy: "And sometimes Daddy gets owies." Ethan "YA!!! Daddy owie on knee!" Daddy: "No, my knee is fine, my owie is on my hip." Ethan: "Hip???" Daddy: "Ya, your hip" (I then proceed to touch his hip to show him where it is) Ethan: "Oh, Daddy owie Hip. Me grab my Peenie." Oh how the conversation turned so quickly. A true man he is. ----------------------- Sept 07, 2014 We had just finished pretending there was a moat with alligators in it: Ethan: "Daddy a wood bug! Me get wood bug" Daddy: "Okay, why don't you feed it to the alligators." Ethan: "NO ME FEED WOODY BUGGIE TO CROCKERGATORS!"

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