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Wow. I looked at this site for the first time in a long time and am shocked at how stale it has become. Considering that the vanachte.com site gets little to no traffic, other than perhaps the occasional visit from my mother (hi Mom), it has become a very low priority. Life, work, and other priorities take front stage over a site that generates no income or really has much of any reason to exist. So why does it exist? When I originally set this site up it was created to help share photos and information with my family. This was before Facebook. Facebook killed this site. With Facebook, even though I debate deleting my account almost daily, it is just so much easier to share what I want to share with those that care. Lets face it, all the family I have that cares to look at photos of my kids, and hear about my current life, can't really be bothered to check out my blog. The majority of traffic that comes here is most likely random search based traffic with people looking for something irrelevant. Or perhaps you are someone from my past who has decided to spy on me! I am sure this happens on occasion. Until I decide on the fate of this site and domain it will remain as is with very rare updates. Perhaps some day I will turn it into something cool, but maybe not! It will continue to look old and dated until such time that I find a way to monetize this site, or have buckets of free time dumped on my lap - neither of which I expect to occur any time soon!

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