Photos – Kihei (Maui, Hawaii) – 2011

Here is a batch of photos from our Jan/Feb 2011  trip to Kihei Hawaii! Sorry, the Photos are in a bit of a random order...

Videos – Kihei (Maui, Hawaii) 2011

Here are a few videos from our trip to Kihei!! More will follow so keep checking back! Emma swimming in the pool with her water-wings! Some Snorkeling Videos

Photos – Kihei (Maui, Hawaii) – Ryan & Margaux’s Wedding

Here are a few photos from Ryan and Margaux's Wedding!

Photos – Halloween 2010

Emma on the Piano – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Our budding musician & child prodigy playing Twinkle Twinkle on the Piano followed by her anticipated encore of the "poopy song".

Umbrella Swapping

There is something not quite right about this umbrella situation...
Emma Daddy Umbrella Situation

Puntledge Park, Oct 2010

There is something not quite right about this umbrella situation...

Emma Quotes

For those of you who don't know, we have added a page to this site specifically for Emma Quotes. We will try to update it as often as possible whenever she says something funny. (well, actually, she says funny things every day - so we will just post some when we have time. Trying to update it once or twice a month. 🙂 So to read them, check out our new Emma Quotes page

Fall Is Here!

It's been a while since we have posted anything here! Well we have a few funny videos and some great photos form the pumpkin patch! Will get those posted in the next couple of days! Emma is growing like crazy, and doesn't stop talking now. It is certainly fun to be able to have an actual conversation with her! She is in love with her new puppy Molly - who I will also get photos posted of soon! Halloween is coming and Emma is going to dress as, of course, a fairly princess. I am trying to convince her to also wear her chicken suit and be a fairy princess chicken 🙂 Anyways, stay tuned for new photos coming soon!!

Kayaking and Wildlife

I try to bring my camera when I go kayaking. Sometimes I get some neat wildlife shots. Here is a gallery with some of those photos.

Hey You, Get Out Of My Dreams…

Emma singing her new favorite song... It's pretty funny really...

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