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Fun with Diapers

Ever have one of those mornings when changing a diaper seems like am impossible task? Here is an example of one of those mornings...
  1. Start to Remove Dirty Diaper, Then Stop Quickly.
  2.  Allow Ethan to poop one more time in dirty diaper.
  3. Attempt #2 at removing dirty Diaper.
  4. Allow Ethan to pee on everything.
  5. Actually remove dirty diaper, and now all clothes too and clean up Ethan, prepare new diaper.
  6. Allow Ethan to pee on everything again before the new diaper goes on.
  7. Clean this pee machine up again, and put on new diaper.
  8. Immediately after last diaper tab is secured, the "thunder down under" show begins as the new diaper is filled with a fresh load. Take deep breath and remember that he is a baby.
  9. Wait a few minutes. Yup, there's another explosion. Wait for the "all clear" from the blast zone. Watch as 4 month old Giggles and smiles, certain he is intentionally F--Screwing with you.
  10. Take off dirty diaper and once again clean up ground zero.
  11. Allow Ethan to turn on the sprinkler and water the grass... except there is no grass, and that is no sprinkler.
  12. Take a deep breath again. This will be over eventually. (or will it?) Clean up the Sprinkler. But wait, this time there's a wipe dispenser malfunction. You may want one wipe but you get 20. Swear in your head a little. WHERE'S MOMMY?"
  13. Put on another new diaper. Put on new onesie. Put on new sleeper. Watch smiles on Ethan's face as... yes, more thunder down under. False alarm? Not sure. Don't care. Place Ethan on Play mat. Take shot of Tequila & Go to work. Not my problem any more.

Some Ethan Videos

Here are a few recent videos of Ethan. These may be boring to some people, but I am posting them anyways 🙂

Our Family Portrait

I think it is time to post our updated family portrait provided to me by our own Emma. I will let you decide who is Emma, Ethan, Mommy & Daddy. Funny enough, she drew me with hair. My kid is such a suck up! 😉 Scott The Van Achte Family

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