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Our Trip to Kihei (Maui, Hawaii)

Below is a little blip about our trip to Maui. If you only care about photos & videos, here are some links to those: - Maui Videos - Random Maui Photos - Ryan & Margaux's Wedding Photos So our trip to Hawaii was fantastic. We caught the 5:30 ferry, took a walk around Ikea, hung out at Richmond Center, then spend our customary 3 hours in the airport waiting for our 4:15 flight. Everything at the airport went off without a hitch, except for when the nice people at airport security required that Emma part with “cookie” (her inseparable stuffy) be passed through the xray machine. Emma lost it, but recovered moments after being reunited.  The wait for the plane and boarding all went smoothly.  Emma LOVED the take-off. “It’s bumpy!” followed by uncontrollable giggles. So cute. Papa picked us up at the airport in our rental van – a new Kia Sedona and we headed out to the condo. That Kia had serious issues, with the interior lights flashing at random on the way to Kihei. The next morning it wouldn’t start! We had to call Enterprise who promptly brought us a replacement – a seemingly reliable Dodge Caravan. When visiting Maui, having a rental car is definitely essential. Sure you could just hang out around Kihei, but with a car there are many more beaches and places to explore. We went to the East side of the island for some huge killer waves, and headed to the north to Lahaina for dinner at Cheeseburger Paradise and a bit of shopping at the neat old shops. Lahaina was pretty cool, but not where I would choose to stay. This trip saw us visiting a number of different and beautiful beaches, and eating an insane amount of pineapple. Pineapple in Hawaii is SO much better than the stuff we get here. I quite dislike papaya, but actually liked it there! All the fruits were amazing. We also didn’t drink at all – really. 😉 Ryan and Margaux's wedding was amazing. With a small group of about 20 guests, it was perfect. Ryan and Margaux looked amazing, and the whole wedding and sunset made for a perfect day. (Here are a few photos) Kihei is really a beautiful town, the locals are exceptionally friendly, the weather is amazing, and the beaches are fantastic. It truly is paradise. Everything is within walking distance with Kamole 1, 2, & 3 beaches all offering some great boogie-boarding waves and “sandcastle” beaches (as was Emma’s Favorite). We will definitely consider going back some day!

Photos – Kihei (Maui, Hawaii) – 2011

Here is a batch of photos from our Jan/Feb 2011  trip to Kihei Hawaii! Sorry, the Photos are in a bit of a random order...

Videos – Kihei (Maui, Hawaii) 2011

Here are a few videos from our trip to Kihei!! More will follow so keep checking back! Emma swimming in the pool with her water-wings! Some Snorkeling Videos

Photos – Kihei (Maui, Hawaii) – Ryan & Margaux’s Wedding

Here are a few photos from Ryan and Margaux's Wedding!

The Vancouver Aquarium and Emma

We had a great day at the Vancouver Aquarium, just Emma, Grandma & I (Scott). I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I did take a few - here are some of them.

Our Chinese Food Adventure

Today we had a great day. Lyndsay was in her conference all day, so Emma and I rode the sky train, went to the Vancouver Aquarium, and just hung out and had fun with Grandma. Then, after Lyndsay was done for the day we all went out for Chinese... Going out for Chinese sounds like an easy task... but... When you are in Richmond, and unfamiliar with the area, it's an adventure like something out of the Amazing Race. We started based on a recommendation from a guy at the hotel front desk, for a restaurant next door. We went in, sat down, and saw that it was going to cost no less than $30 each. "Forget this, we'll go find something else." Next we drove around looking for a good place, not able to identify Chinese, from Vietnamese, from Korean, as nothing is in English. We found one place and Lyndsay jumped out to see a menu. She asked a waitress what "hot pots" were. The waitress turned to the menu, looked at it for a long time, spoke Chinese to another woman, then pointed to the page in the menu with hot pots. I don't think she had a clue what the question was. None of the menu was in English though, so Lyndsay just laughed, and came out to the car - Next! The next place she went into had a similar problem - no English at all on the menu, so out she came. She also failed to realize that it wasn't a Chinese restaurant anyways - as we drove away we noticed the big poster of Kim Jon Ill just inside the front door - probably indicating the restaurants Korean flavor. finally we found another place to check out. I cant remember the name of the restaurant, most of it not in English, but it had the word "wonderful" as part of the name, so we knew it had to be good - after all, who would lie in the name - plus it was very busy, full of Asians - it had to be good. Lyndsay checked the menu, gave the thumbs up, and before long we were seated looking at a menu with no idea what to order. My mom (sorry mom) being very used to "Canadianized" Chinese food, wanted the usual dinner for three (chow mein and s&s pork) did get partially what she wanted, but I think she was a little turned off by the authentic nature of the chow mein, which also happened to have squid, shrimp & scallops in it. In the end we went with the lemon chicken, s&s boneless pork, house special chow mein & some veg dish - all of which was fantastically good. ... I think my mom went home to make dinner afterwards... and suggesting that next time we eat at McDonalds. Anyways, that's our little Chinese food adventure - next time we will have a little bit of a clue where to go and what to order - wait - no we wont, but it was fun anyways.

Video – Emma Playing Olympic Hockey

When we went to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics, we found ourselves at Robson Square and Emma had a great time playing "toddler hockey". She didnt really get it, but it was sure fun to watch her. Here is a short video.

Photos – Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Photos – Barbados 2005

Here is a selection of photos from our April 2005 trip to Barbados.

Lyndsay Just Won A Trip To Barbados!

Through a local radio station we were fortunate enough to win an all inclusive trip to the Almond Village Resort and Spa in Barbados, to See Bryan Adams. This trip couldn't have come at a better time as Lyndsay just graduated from her grueling career as a UVIC student! We Are Going To Barbados!!! It was a quiet Thursday morning. I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting ready for work. I walked into the bedroom and Lyndsay was frantically dialing away on the phone. I asked what was up, and she said she "They are taking callers for the Brian Adams thing. Get the cell." So I went out into the kitchen and grabbed the cell phone and began dialing along with her. They were looking for Caller #107. When the alarm went off she heard that they were at number 94, so she thought she'd give it a try. Several minutes had passed since we started dialing and we were sure they must have reached #107. I thought I would try it one more time then give up, as I heard the busy signal on my phone, Lyndsay's started ringing. The phone must have rang at least 8-10 times, we were thinking about hanging up - after all, if it wasn't being answered, it must be because they had their caller. At the other end she heard someone say "Hello" with no indication that she had even dialed the right number. Confused, Lyndsay repeated, "hi." The man at the other end quickly announced, "107.3" so Lyndsay knew she had the right number. "Am I too late?" Lyndsay asked. The man responded, "Hang on I'll check" and put her on hold. We were both quite confused with what was going on. Then in the earpiece Lyndsay heard the phone click, and the radio start playing through. She heard the DJ say, "I've got caller 107 on the line." Lyndsay thought, "I'M ON THE LINE!!" He than asked, "Who's This?" Lyndsay, now shaking and excited said "Lyndsay Biggs, er, Van Achte" (forgetting that we were married -- almost a year ago!). Chris Kalhoon, The Morning DJ at 107.3, Kool FM, asked her a series of questions, most of which were answered with screams of excitement. Before she was even off the phone, I think I had called everyone we know on the cell to tell them what had happened as it's a slightly different experience to a quick booking with, say, Britannia Hotels and letting someone know they'll need to feed your cats. For the next hour at least, both of us were shaking with excitement - Lyndsay considerably more than I. Sitting on the couch, I called work to let them know I would be late that morning. We had realized that neither of us had passports, and the trip was in less than a month! That morning we scrambled around town to get photos done, picked up the forms and sent them off to be processed. They arrived 10 days before our trip. It was funny. About a week before the trip I had said to my boss that I would need some last minute time off work as I was going to win a trip to Barbados. (I say these sort of things to him whenever I plan on winning something). He laughed as usual, and said, sure you can have the time off. You can imagine the look on his face when he found out we actually won! Sure it wasn't me, but Lyndsay is close enough! We had wanted to go to either Cuba or the Dominica Republic to celebrate Lyndsay's Graduation from UVIC, but realized that there was no way we could afford it. This win came at exactly the right time! A week after Lyndsay finished school, right during the window of time off - it couldn't have worked out better. Work for me was busy, and needing the time off made the week prior to the trip a stressful and VERY busy one, but well worth it. (Thanks to all the guys at work for covering for me while I'm away!, and Thanks 107.3 Kool FM!!! for the trip!!)

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