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Some Ethan Videos

Here are a few recent videos of Ethan. These may be boring to some people, but I am posting them anyways 🙂

Videos – Kihei (Maui, Hawaii) 2011

Here are a few videos from our trip to Kihei!! More will follow so keep checking back! Emma swimming in the pool with her water-wings! Some Snorkeling Videos

Hey You, Get Out Of My Dreams…

Emma singing her new favorite song... It's pretty funny really...

Videos – Emma Dancing to Tik Tok

Right now, Tik Tok by Ke$ha, is Emma's favorite song. Here she is dancing to it. Check out the very end when the song ends - its like her world is falling apart, so funny.

Video – Emma Playing Olympic Hockey

When we went to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics, we found ourselves at Robson Square and Emma had a great time playing "toddler hockey". She didnt really get it, but it was sure fun to watch her. Here is a short video.

Video – Emma at the Pool

Emma just loves to go swimming!

Video – Emma Riding Her Bull

Here's Emma riding her bull to the Black Eyed Peas

Video – Emma Playing with her Baby

Here is a video of Emma playing with her baby at her table.

Video – Emma Playing & Walking

Here is a recent video of Emma playing and walking around.

Video – Emma Gets Kisses

She loves her daddy kisses!

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